Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good SMS Messages

If yesterday didn't end up the way you wanted, just remember....
God created today for you to start a new one.... Have a Wonderful Day!!

The human mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.

Treat everyone with politeness
Even those who are rude to you,
Not because they are not nice
but because you are nice

The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend.

"The HAPPIEST people DO NOT necessarily have the BEST of all.
They simply APPRECIATE what they find on their way”

U make my world beautiful by just being in it.

Always ask god to give u what u deserve, not what u desire... its because ur desires may be a few, but u deserve a lot.

So cute and true lines "Never choose me as a friend without understanding"
and "never lose me because of misunderstanding"

When we do a task, we have to cross 3 stages
1. Insult.
2. Opposition.
3. Acceptance.

Fools stop at the 1st. Losers stop at the 2nd.
Winners cross the 3rd.

Dont make your heart like garden so that everybody walks in. But let it be like sky which everybody wishes to touch but only stars can stay in it.

Everything in life has a beautiful ending. If its not beautiful.. then believe its not the end. Its just the beginning of something more beautiful.

Fantastic thought: The minute you think of giving up any relation, think of the reason why you held it so long.

We think everything is impossible until we try something different. Different Attempts is the only way of discovering our true capacity.

Golden words of success: " See the clock only when you have no work. Dont see the clock when you are working on"

Love is second mistake created by God!!!
Of course girls are first mistakes!
But the fact is that both are beautiful mistakes.! Shakesphere

The most touching lines said by a person who has has been hurt a lot in life:
"I was being fooled by all always, because I loved and cared without limits and expectations"

Friend is who tolerates ur worst mood, manage to smile on ur idiotic joke, tries to understand your craziest dream and knows the biggest reason behind your smallest tear.

Any relationship is like a bird, If U catch it tightly it dies, if U catch it loosley it flies, but if u catch affectionately it remains with u forever.

Tell me why are you avoiding me these days? Did I do anything wrong? Keep in touch with me at least once a week yaar, its really hurting. Yours lovingly, SOAP AND BRUSH.

Truth of life: The man who learns nothing from the past will be punished by the future.

A truely caring friendship means, one who knows you are crying and finds your tears even when you are walking in the rain.

BEST FEEL OF LOVE: I know everything about her except that she likes me or not? She does not know anyting about me except that I like her.

Memories play a very confusing role: They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together but makes you cry when you remember the time you laughed together.

A morning is a wonderful blessing, either stormy or sunny, it stands for hope giving us another start of life what we call LIFE.

Time might lead me to nowhere; fate might break me apart; I will always be thankful that once along my life's journey I had you in my heart.

I have two eyes but cannot see you daily; I have two ears but cannot your voice daily; but I have one heart that remembers you daily.

A sensible proposal from a boy to a beautiful girl; Hey Angel, "I am not forcing you to Love me but don't let Love be the reason for hating me".

Love is not about expressing with heavy words, its about understanding, a gentle touch and a pure heart. Friendshio is to sit together and laugh about the nonsense said above.

Best line by a mechanic in garage: "I cannot repair your Horn, so I made your Brakes Well". Every problem has a solution... we need to find a way.

A LOVER BOYS' LAST WORDS: "My absence may not make any difference to you, but I know I loved you true and I wont give the same moments to anyone new"!

MORAL LINES OF A MILLIONARE: I know money cannot buy happiness but somehow it is more comfortable to cry in a BENZ car than on a Cycle.

"Mind is the most powerful thing in the world. One who has controlled his mind can control anything in the world" _ Lord Krishna in BHAGWADGEETHA.

When I was small, I laughed less but there was infinite hidden joy, As I grew up learned to laugh a lot to hide the unspoken sadness.

Never break four things in you life: Trust, promise, relation and heart... because when they break they do not make noise but they pain a lot.

A man who surrenders when he is wrong is honest. A man who surrenders when he is not sure is wise. A man who surrenders even when he is Right is a husband.

TODAYS FACTS: Big house but small family. More degrees but less common sense. Advanced medicine but poor health. Touched moon but neighbour unknown.

Who is a friend? A push when you are stopped, A touch when you are lost, A word when you are quiet, A smile when you are sad, A hug when you cry and a SLAP when you dont stop crying.


  1. Wow... Beautiful SMS's.
    Good Collection madam :)

  2. Anand, Ravikanth and Shivprakash,

    Thank you for the comment. The credit goes to all my friends, Manju, Shiva, Murali and Ganesh who sent me these messages.

  3. Very Good Collection......
    Keep Sharing....

  4. To Saviganasu

    Thank you and welcome to nishantaranga

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