Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simple Ways To Be Fit And Healthy

1 - When eating, with every bite chew thoroughly until it is nothing but mush.(Not only does this help you're digestive system break it down quicker, but you lose callories from chewing, you work you're jaw muscles. Preventing those double chins and it fills you up quicker.)

2 - When doing the housework, put on you're preffered music channel and dance around.(You have fun, become more flexible and you burn callories whilst toning your body!)

3 - When sitting down, tense you're muscles, count to 5 in you're head, or out loud then release, do it over and over.(This tones you're body muscles, and you will really feel it working.)

4 - When doing the dishes at the sink, tip you're toe to the ceiling infront of you, and move you're leg as far backwards, keeping a straight back as you can.(Again you will really feel the effect.)

5 - Drink glasses of water and fruit juice on a regular basis.

6 - If you have just put an object down, something silly like a hairbrush, make yourself run to one end of the room back to the object then run to another room where that object belongs.(Keeps you fit and organised.)

7 - When going up and down the stairs, jog.(Increases stamina and nice figure.)

8 - NEVER skip breakfast or dinner.(By skipping the essential meals, you're body goes into starvation mode and KEEPS all the fat and rubbish that your body doesn't need, thinking that it needs to save up.)

9 - Dont eat 1 hour before sleep.(You're body needs to rest, this means your digestive system too. So at night when your metabolism should be resting is still working away. This makes you tired in the morning and slows down your metabolism through the day as it craves for rest.)

10 - Walk to the shop, dont drive or catch the bus or taxi.

11 - If you have enough spare time, join a club.(You fulfill your social, physical, intellectual and emotional needs by doing so and meet new people.)

12 - Always sit with a straight back.

Friday, March 19, 2010


T: her periods incredibly happy for the first four days

D: her periods incredibly heavy for the first four days

T: All results were explained to his lady

D: All results were explained to this lady

T: with dermatitis in her scar, but has noticed (dermatitis= skin becomes itchy) (scar= A mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue)

D: with dermatitis in her scalp and has noticed (scalp=The skin that covers the top of the head)

T: She has difficulty in swelling,

D: She has difficulty in swallowing

T: Her appetite is not that grate and bowel works normally (grate= Reduce

to small shreds, like grating carrot)

D: Her appetite is not that great and bowels work normally (great =


T: I have given her a signal for six weeks

D: I have given her a sick note for six weeks

T: injured her left wrist and a fall on ice

D: injured her left wrist after a fall on ice

T: from a polyfunctioning right kidney

D: from a poorly functioning right kidney

T: Also asked her to advice about Cranberry juice

D: I have also advised her about Cranberry juice

T: To arrange animal scans

D: To arrange annual scans (annual=yearly)