Thursday, December 31, 2009



I think so much of you
Really I don't need a reason
As my thoughts are warm and caring
All through the years seasons

Dil ke bazar mein main sabse garib hu, khwabhon ke duniya mein ek main hi badnaseeb hu, unke pass mere liye waqt hi nahi aur log samajthe he mein unke zyada kareeb hu!!

You cannot change your future but can change your habits and surely your habits will change your future- Bernard Shaw.

Cutest proposal ever??? In a 3rd std class ,
Boy-Can I take your picture?
Girl-For what?
Boy-So that I can show Santa Claus what I want for Christmas.

Hardest moment in life isn't when you lose something and tears comes out of your eyes.... It is when you know you are losing something and you are still forced to smile.

"My heart is like an open book, it depends on you how you read me, Dont judge me by outlook, Look in and discover, I will be one of your true friend forever."

The four beautiful thoughts of life:
Look back and get experience
Look forward and see hope
Look around and find reality
Look within and find confidence.

Knowingly or unknowingly some people walk into our life and life becomes special, after all its our decision to decide who stays and who walks out.

Amazing quote: "There may be 8.5 billion people in this world but sometimes all you really need is JUST ONE!"

Heart is a crystal; preserve it, Love is perfume; spread it, Feelings are like fluid; flow it, Friendship is just one umbrella; come lets share it.

TV DIALOGUE- "Illi Yellavu NIGOODA! Yaru Yarigu SMS Madalla, Call Madalla, Misscall Illa, Bari Mauna. Ivelladara Naduve Namma Manasinalli Mooduva Prashne- CURRENY UNTE?

A fantastic question with a meaningful answer: Define BIRTHDAY.
The only day of your life when you cried and your mother was smiling.

Change is the Nature of Life but Challenge is the Aim of Life. So you have to Challenge the Changes, not Change the Challenges.

Being near is not the meaning of being Dear. You may be far from me but the wave of your friendship will make me feel that you are always with me.

Golden Rule of Alexander The Great: "I dont believe in taking right decisions; I take decisions and then make them right"

Pyar Pasand Se, Kushi Har Ek Se, Rishtey Apnon Se, Mohabbat Mehabub se, Ishq Ashiq Se, Magar Dosti Dil Se, Jo Hamne Ki Hai Aapse

"Four things Never come back"; The Spoken Word, The Wasted Time, The Past Life and The Neglected Opportunity. So Think Twice and Act Wise.

Nice Quotes: Your Friendship has made my life so colorful that nothing else attracts me anymore.

Hasi Ke Liye Gham Qurbaan, Kushi Ke Liye Aansu Qurban. Dost Tere Liye To "JAAN BHI QURBAAN", Agar Roz SMS Nahi Bheja To Agle Bakrid Ko Tu Bhi Qurbaan.

If your eyes are sweet you would like all the people in the world. But if your heart is sweet all the people in the world will like you.

Phool Khusbhu ke liye, Pyar Nibhane ke liye, Aankein Dil Churane ke liye, Aur ye SMS Thumhe Meri Yaad Dilaane ke liye.

We Love Ourself Even After Doing Many Mistakes. Then How Can We Hate Others For Their Small Mistakes. Strange But True, Think About It.

Beautiful Tomorrow Never Comes, When It Comes, It's Already Today- In The Hunt Of Beautiful Tomorrow, Don't Waste Your Wonderful Today.

Think About This: If You Laugh Really Loud, Talk Mannerlessly and You Dont Care What Your Dress, Face and Hairstyle Looks Like, Your Are Probably With Your True Friend.

Aakashakke Yeni Illa, Samudrakke Setuve Illa, Nakshatrakke Lekka Illa, Ammana Aashirvadakke Saavilla, Nanna SMS Ge Kone Illa, Nimma SMS Na Suddiye Illa?

Smar Tum Ho tho bure hum bhi nahi, Mahfil mein tum ho to tanha hum bhi nahi, dosti karke kahate ho ki busy hai, yad karna hum se seiko kyon ki free to hum bhi nahi.

Zindagi mein na jane kaun si baat aakhri hogi, na jaane kaunsi raat aakhri hogi, milte julte raha karo yaaro, na jane kaun si mulakkat aakhri hogi.

Hrudayadalli Huttida Preethi Sayalla
Manasinalli Beleda Mamathe Mareyalla
Nange Nimma Sneha Horeyalla
Nanendigu Nimmannu Mareyalla

Kalpaneya Aasegintha Manasina Bhavane Hecchu
Manasina Mounakintha Hrudayada Vedane Hecchu
Naguva Manassigintha Nagisuva Hrudaya Hecchu
Keep Smiling

Zindagi Sagar Hai, Dosti Laher Hai, Aur Dil Kinara.
Ye Jaruri Nahi Ki Sagar Me kitne Laher Hai
Zaruri Ye Hai Ki Kaun Se Laher Kinare Ko Chuti Hai....

Kanasu Baalige Spoorthi
Baravase Kelasakke Spoorthi
Preethi Jeevakke Spoorthi
Adre Nagu Yelladhakku Spoorthi
Adakkagi Prathikshana Nagu Naguthiri

This is a small meaning of LIFE
Waqt se pehle aur naseeb se zyaada kuch nahi milta
Zindagi woh nahi hai jo hum sochte hai
Zindagi woh hai jo hum jeetey hai

Pure heart is the greatest temple in the world
Dont believe the smiling face
But believe the smiling heart
They are very rate in this world.

I dropped a tear in the ocean while thinking of you
And I promise to be your friend until I find it

Measuring life by what others do for you may disappoint you
But measuring life what you do for others will add more meaning to your life.

Good looks catches the eyes
But good characters catches the heart.
Your blessed with both.

Dont keep your dreams in your eyes
They may fall as tears
Keep them in your heart
So that every heartbeat may remind you about your dream.

Superb Quote
Someone asked"what is forgiveness?"
A little boy replied, "its the sweet fragrance that a flower gives when it is crushed by someone".

If the whole world is against and opposite to you, what will you do?
Just turn your direction, you will be the leader of the whole world.- Napoleon

My SMS are just like Rain
One day it will increase
One day it will decrease
May be one day it will disappear
But never dies
Anytime it can comeback.

A sad mother is sitting with her son
Son: You are the second most beautiful woman I have ever known
Mother: Who is the first?
Son: It is also you but when you smile
Keep smiling

Keep correcting your little mistakes, because nobody slips down by hills, but just by the little stones.

Success in life will create crowd for you
Loneliness in life will create space for you
But tough times in life will create the true person in you

You can win in life by all means
If you simply avoid two things:
Comparing with others and
Expecting from others.

A lovely logic for a beautiful life
"Never try to maintain relations in your life, Just try to maintain life in your relations".

Force can make everything possible in the world but it cannot create a single drop of love in anybody's heart.

When you share something with someone who cares you a lot, be frank and be sure whatever you say is true because your words are heard by a heart and preserved forever.